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13 Oct 2015 
Disney Magic Re-Launch Details Revealed

An aerial view of the new Disney Magic cruise ship. In this rendering, the new AquaLab play area is seen. The ship will re-launch in October 2013. The Walt Disney Company is the parent company of ABC News.

Disney Cruise Lines

Disney Magic Re-Launch Details Revealed

Andy's Room has been reimagined for the re-launch of the Disney Magic. Kids will be able to climb to the top of Andy's bed or play underneath.

Disney Cruise Lines

Disney Magic Re-Launch Details Revealed

The fist thing cruisers will see is the re-designed atrium, seen in this rendering. The grand atrium lobby on the Disney Magic, inspired by elegant art deco and elements of the sea, features a palette of vibrant coral, blue and aquamarine, a dazzling new chandelier and a grand staircase.

Disney Cruise Lines

Disney Magic Re-Launch Details Revealed

Fans of Cabanas will be glad to know it will now be on the Disney Magic, but with nearly triple the indoor, air conditioned space. Cabanas on the Disney Magic, drawing inspiration from Australian influences with uniquely Disney touches, includes a beach-themed dining room that has beach umbrellas and teak Adirondack chairs to create a sunny decor for guests.

Disney Cruise Lines

Disney Magic Re-Launch Details Revealed

Here, a rendering of the It's a Small World Nursey. Kids under 3 can come here while parents take a break and enjoy the rest of the ship.

Disney Cruise Lines

Disney Magic Re-Launch Details Revealed

The AquaDunk is a highlight of the re-launched ship. There is a three-deck drop and a translucent tube with views of the ocean more than 100 feet below.

Disney Cruise Line

Disney Magic Re-Launch Details Revealed

Disneys Oceaneer Club, open to 3 to 12 year-old children, is a completely re-imagined area on the Disney Magic that transports children to the magical realms of brave super heroes, adventuresome toys, fanciful fairies and Mickey Mouse's club for creativity and fun.

Disney Cruise Line

Disney Magic Re-Launch Details Revealed

O'Gills on the Disney Magic is an Irish pub and sports bar recalling traditional pub days of olde, designed with rich green accents and traditional decor. Live televised athletic events are on tap for sports-lovers. Exclusively for adult guests, the pub is part of After Hours, the nighttime entertainment district opening this fall after the Disney Magic undergoes dry dock.

Disney Cruise Lines

Disney Magic Re-Launch Details Revealed

Keys on the Disney Magic is a piano bar and lounge perfect for guests wanting a low-key nighttime experience. In this new adult-exclusive venue, guests can wind down listening to the soft sounds of the piano and sipping cocktails in a refined retreat. The piano bar is part of After Hours, the nighttime entertainment district opening this fall after the Disney Magic undergoes dry dock.

Disney Cruise Lines

Disney Magic Re-Launch Details Revealed

The upper decks on the Disney Magic have been redesigned for plenty of splashtacular fun for all groups. Enhanced upper deck features include, the AquaDunk, a near-vertical thrill slide, AquaLab water playground with the Twist n Spout water slide and a Huey, Duey and Louie-themed toddler splash zone. The Walt Disney Company is the parent company of ABC News.

Disney Cruise Line

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22 Sep 2015 
Standard Lamp Fitted with 12V LED Lamp for Solar Power System

This article describes how to assemble a simple solar power installation that can power LED lighting and a car radio/CD player for entertainment in a shed or outbuilding. Another use for this sort of installation is to power a 12V electric fence energizer from the sun, reducing the need for maintenance and regular battery charging.

12V Solar Power Safety First

12V is not a shock hazard like regular AC power because the voltage is much lower than the 110/230V of AC mains systems. However, the current capacity of a battery is very high, which can heat cables and cause a serious risk of fire. So it is important to install the system fuses where shown, so that in the event of a short the fuse breaks the circuit rather than the power burning out the cables causing damage and fire.

For the same reason of high currents, remove all metal jewellery like rings, watches, and necklaces before working on a battery system, otherwise if these cause a short and heat up there is a serious risk of injury.

Finally, car batteries should never be used indoors because of the explosive gases vented on charging - in a car the engine compartment is well ventilated by the headwind when the battery is being charged.

Leisure batteries can be used in some locations if the manufacturer's instructions are followed. Usually there is a vent kit to vent the gases to the outside. Or, as used here, a sealed lead acid battery is used, but this must be fitted with a charge controller to prevent overcharging. At all times be sure to follow the battery manufacturer's instructions for safe installation.

How to Select the Right Battery

You first need to gauge the anticipated load. For an electric fence drawing say 0.2A all the time, each day the load will be using 0.2A * 12V * 24h = 57.6 watt-hours. If you will be using a shed light of about 2W this will also draw about 0.2A but you will probably only need to run it for a couple of hours, so you need 4 watt-hours.

A lead-acid battery should only be discharged to about 50% of capacity for good service life, and you probably want to be able to store about three days' worth of power to smooth out a run of gloomy days. The battery will probably be quoted in amp-hours, which for the fence will be 0.2A * 24 * 3 = 14Ah. This is the capacity of a moderately sized gel cell, and easily within the capacity of a leisure battery (typically 60Ah or more), so any leisure battery will do.

How to Size the Solar Panel to the Load

This is a bit more difficult. If you will be keeping an eye on the battery and are prepared to charge it up at home if it falls low, then you can allow for this. If you need the system to run all the time, then you will need to estimate how much sun you will get on the shortest day of the year, which is usually associated with the gloomiest weather. Solar panels are usually quoted at a power rating assuming a light level of 1000 watts per square meter, which is bright sunlight. Someone in Britain would be wise to derate the panel by 10 times for the British weather, whereas someone in California would probably realise the rated power for a few hours around noon.

Assuming sunlight for four hours, for the lamp application you will only need 4 watt-hours, so allowing for four hours of operation you would need only a 1W solar panel in California. In Britain you would probably need a 10W panel at least. For the electric fence application you would need a 14W panel in California, and approximately a 140W size in Britain. The economics improve greatly if you are prepared to swap batteries to help the system out in the gloom of midwinter; alternatively, consider adding a boat-style wind generator to the system as the wind tends to a maximum in winter while solar tends to a maximum in summer.

How to Wire Up a 12V Solar SystemA low-cost 12V solar panel charge controller prevents overcharging the battery

A low-cost 12V solar panel charge controller prevents overcharging the battery

The diagram shows how to wire up the system - a charge controller is used between the solar panel and the battery to prevent the battery being overcharged in summer. The charge controller monitors battery voltage and disconnects the solar panel when the voltage indicates the battery is fully charged.

A fuse is wired at the battery end between the battery and any loads - using a multi-way fuse panel allows any load failing short to be isolated from the battery without taking all loads down.12V multi-way fuse panel at load end

Twelve volt LED lamps are a good solution for shed lighting or reading lights. Alternatively, 12V CFL energy saving light bulbs are available, but these do not tend to appreciate damp, humid, cold conditions that might be encountered in unheated outbuildings.

12V Solar Power is a Good Alternative to AC Power for Isolated Sites or Outbuildings

The cost of running armoured cable to outbuildings can be considerable, so if the need for power is just for lighting or for lighting and a car radio/CD then a 12V solar power standalone system can be a cost-effective alternative. Similarly a system based on a larger solar panel can keep an electric fence powered on an isolated site, or alternatively extend the time between battery changes.

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20 Sep 2015 
Limousine is a luxury car splendidly customized with virtually all top-notch facilities and amenities required by anyone having an urge for an opulent lifestyle. Limousines in Vancouver are known for their unbeatable tailor-made styles, multiple cool color options, easy availability, low rentals along with courteous chauffeured services, and various breathtaking add-ons to lure the customers.

Initially, these magnificent sedans were owned by only wealthier people of the society, but today people with low earnings can also afford them without getting disturbed on their financial budget. People having desires for extraordinarily special, royal and comfortable ride can get this experience in their real life just by spending a few bucks on hiring such classy and feature-rich stretched cars.

Now, with the entry of a large number of flourishing limousine Vancouver companies, one can easily avail these saloon cars at very reasonable rates without burning a hole in their pockets. But, before telling you the handy ways to procure your desired limo Vancouver from a trusted firm, let's study about the remarkable features of these luxurious vehicles that have made them exclusively different from a wide range of cars available in the market.

To lure the car lovers, limo rental companies in Vancouver, BC are trying their best to provide the limousines with chic designs and adorable looks so that customers feel special and get an out-of-the-world experience with elegant luxurious indulgence. Definitely, you will be obsessed with its charisma. Interior is so beautiful that you will fall in love with this fancy dream machine on wheels.

Due to indomitable sheer beauty and lavishness, more often it is addressed as "Queen" of the cars as it is ruling the car industry along with an overwhelming contribution of Vancouver limo rental companies.

As it is crowned with a title of queen, it is self-explanatory that there is no comparison of this magnificent sedan with other cars. Below mentioned are some of the tantalizing features of limo.

Beautiful Interior Dcor- The interior of limousines are very stylish and beautiful with a special cabin for the passengers with mirrored ceiling, twinkling lights, neon lights, crystal chandeliers, LCD TV, superior-quality music system, telephone connectivity, full-featured bar, and much more which is just irresistible.

Plush and Comfortable Seating Arrangements- Comfortable and swish leather seats plus peaceful ambience inside the car are akin to an upscale hotel or a night club in Vancouver. Customers can hire limousines for different occasions like wedding ceremonies, prom parties, political sojourns, corporate meetings, etc. as it can accommodate up to 24 passengers.

Compelling Exterior- From the above discussion, it has been cleared to you that its internal beauty is matchless. Apart from the interior charm, its exterior is also impressive with tainted mirrors and alloy wheels with metallic paint.

Hurry Up!

If you too dream of getting aboard an imperial ride and haven't got an opportunity yet, then browse the websites of popular limousine rental companies to hire one for you.

Author's Bio:

Majestic Vancouver Limousine has been offering truly affordable limousine Vancouver services. Professional chauffeurs, variety of vehicles and customer satisfaction are three major strengths of this well-known limo rental company in Vancouver & all over BC.

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15 Sep 2015 
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14 Sep 2015 
Ankle sprains can happen instantaneously. When the ligaments are stretched or strained beyond the natural range of motion, the consequence is painful. The ligaments can simply be pulled or even torn. When this happens the foot and ankle will swell, which will be accompanied by pain, and any motion might become difficult. In the case of a tear in the ligament, the foot might be difficult to lift or move easily. Taking good care of a sprain or strain is important since too much activity too soon can result in re-injury.

Taking the time to heal

Most ankle sprains can take 4 to 6 weeks to heal. For very painful sprains a few days of bed rest are needed and its important to keep the foot elevated as much as possible. Walking on crutches is an option if placing any weight on the foot or ankle is very painful or if mobility is very difficult. Strains and sprains cannot be cured by walking. Do not try to force the foot or ankle to bear weight if there is too much pain as this will aggravate the injury and delay healing. Taking time to heal the sprain completely is important as a re-injury or repeated severe sprains can lead to long-term joint pain or weakness. Treating the ankle with care can prevent weakening that can lead to more sprains.

What to do for ankle sprain

* Rest the foot and ankle. Do not try to make the foot bear any weight if there is pain.

* Alternating warm then cold compresses can help with both the pain and swelling.

* Over-the-counter medications for pain will help reduce the swelling. For bad sprains a doctor might prescribe medication for the pain or to reduce the swelling.

* Provide support to the foot and ankle with a brace or a wrap.

When the foot can bear weight it is important to offer good support for both the ankle and foot. Wearing high heels, loose low heels or sandals leaves the ankle with no support and there is a danger of re-injury. A shoe that covers and supports the arch and top of the foot as well as the ankle is best. There should be some method used to protect the ankle for rotating to the sides or back at an unnatural angle.

Picking the right supports or braces

Use ankle supports or braces that give the foot and ankle extra support. The ideal supports or braces will be light weight and fit easily inside the shoe. The support or brace should be easily adjustable and comfortable as it might be necessary to wear it for at least a few months, especially if activities include sports. The foot and angle should be able to move in natural positions easily. Larger braces or supports should have hinges that allow natural movement. For many strains or sprains, a cast type support that fits around the foot and ankle will be enough support, but for really severe injuries a support that comes up to the lower calf is usually best.

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